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Comms Vision 2022 - Why attend our boardroom session?

After our successful launch at Comms Vision last year, Nasstar Channel can’t wait to get back to The Gleneagles Hotel to meet with the channel community. We’ve already highlighted how invaluable 1-2-1 meetings are, now let us tell you why you should attend our boardroom sessions

These sessions give you the opportunity to hear from sponsors like us about a whole range of topics. Providing insight into industry trends, analysis, and future developments, and how that impacts you and your customers.

This year, Nasstar Channel Sales Director, Dave Hawkins and Managing Director Mike Ayres will be hosting an interactive session discussing:

  • Industry transformation and our network transformation to all IP. What this means for you now and in the months ahead.
  • The extensive investment and development of our partner portal. Providing you with increased automation, functionality, and simplicity.
  • The richer management information now available. Helping you make business-critical, strategic and tactical decisions.
  • Our channel-centric cloud-first approach. How this will create new opportunities and open up new markets for you and your customers.

Our aim is to help you succeed, and our innovative solutions will help you keep up with the competition and meet the challenges ahead.

So, join us at one of our two sessions to find out what we have achieved so far, what we’re planning for the future, and to provide your feedback.

Session 1

2nd November


Session 2

3rd November


To make sure you hear from Mike & Dave, simply email the link below, and we’ll get you registered.

Register for our boardroom session    

We look forward to seeing you there.