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Voice Solutions.

Communicate. Collaborate. Innovate. We have the tools to drive productivity and build connections.  

Voice Solutions.

Secure, future-proof, and fit for purpose.

Whatever your customer’s requirements, our solutions deliver seamless service and a first-class experience to help build partnerships and build connections through the power of technology.  


Create better customer experiences with MaaS (Myriad as a Service) advanced inbound call solution with PCI payment option.

IP Voice Connect

Say goodbye to phone lines forever with cost-saving, flexible IP voice technology.

Single Line PSTN Replacement

Protect your customer base ahead of the switch off rollout with a single line PSTN replacement.

IP Voice ISDN Replacement

Upgrade your existing hardware and ensure your customers are ready for the PSTN switch off without the costly investment.

OTT Voice

Continue to make and receive calls in the same way you have always done, only without the need for a telephone line with an OTT (Over the Top) IP voice solution for SoGEA and Fibre.

Everything you need for you and your customers, in black & white.

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