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Connectivity Solutions.

Fast, flexible solutions to address your customers' needs.

Connectivity Solutions.

High-performing, business-grade services to keep connected.

Connectivity is central to everyone and everything. We have a variety of solutions to fit your customers' requirements now and into the future.


Using the latest fibre technologies, give your customers the fastest mass-market speeds whilst maintaining reliability and performance.  


Fast, reliable, and widely available, FTTC is the perfect option for your customers who are looking for a budget-friendly fibre solution.


The next-generation of data connectivity is here. Offering a data-only connection, you can save time and money and future-proof your customers by preparing them for the PSTN withdrawal.


With download speeds of up to 330Mbps, GFast means your customers can get the most out of their current connection.


Our cost-effective ADSL broadband solution offers your customers optional network resilience, fast speeds and improved reliability. Its flexibility means it can be in place and up and running quickly.


Give your customers a fast, dedicated, and direct connection to the internet, designed with resilience and flexibility in mind.

Everything you need for you and your customers, in black & white.

The big switch off

Your guide to the PSTN switch off in 2025

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