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Connectivity Solutions.

Fast, flexible solutions to address your customers' needs.

Connectivity Solutions.

High-performing, business-grade services to keep connected.

Connectivity is central to everyone and everything. We have a variety of solutions to fit your customers' requirements now and into the future.


Using the latest fibre technologies, give your customers the fastest mass-market speeds whilst maintaining reliability and performance.  


The next-generation of data connectivity is here. Offering a data-only connection, you can save time and money and future-proof your customers by preparing them for the PSTN withdrawal.

MPF Broadband

Our MPF Broadband solutions offers wide availability for those who cannot yet upgrade to FTTP. With a quick and easy installation, you can get your customers up and running in no time.


Give your customers a fast, dedicated, and direct connection to the internet, designed with resilience and flexibility in mind.

Everything you need for you and your customers, in black & white.

The big switch off

Your guide to the PSTN switch off in 2025

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