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Single Line PSTN Replacement.

Get next-generation broadband with OTT Voice.

Single Line PSTN Replacement Product Sheet

This combined next-generation connectivity and over-the-top voice product is the perfect solution for the replacement of an existing single line PSTN.

This combo is designed to act as a voice-only product and for that reason utilises 0.5Mb SoGEA (Single order Generic Ethernet Access) the next generation of data connectivity.

As a direct replacement to PSTN services, Nasstar single line PSTN Replacement ensures your customers don’t lose their voice services and are future-proofed.

Single Line PStN Replacement

How will Single Line PSTN Replacement benefit your customers?

Retain existing phone number

Customers can continue using their current number by porting their existing telephone number onto IP Voice or receive a new telephone number.

Reliable, high-quality service

Allows customers to continue using voice service or easily divert through the portal when there are connectivity issues.

Voicemail, 1471, Call Waiting, Caller Display all included

All the features that your customers are used to when they need them are included in the package.

Lower costs

VoIP solutions are software-based, which means you don’t need any infrastructure, upfront costs, or additional hardware.

Increased flexibility

Accessible from a variety of devices, which means no need to be tied to a desk phone anymore.

Retain existing phone number

Two installation options – standard managed or premium managed

Web portal configuration

Future-proof your customers ready for the PSTN switch off

Single Line PSTN Replacement Product Sheet

Combined next-generation connectivity and over-the-top voice to replace existing single line PSTN

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