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VOIP Solutions - IP Voice Connect.

Flexible and cost-effective IP Voice.

VOIP Solutions - IP Voice Connect Product Sheet

IP Voice Connect is a highly flexible and future-proof IP-voice service that lets you communicate simply using your internet connection. Significantly lower cost than ISDN lines, IP Voice Connect maintains quality and business continuity.

Compared to traditional PSTN/ISDN lines, you can pass on huge cost-savings and continuity benefits to further support your customers. We take care of the provisioning and service support, with expert technical help available whenever you need it.

IP Voice connect

How will IP Voice Connect benefit your customers?

Reduced costs

Save up to 50% on line rental and over 15% on call costs compared to ISDN charges, with free internal calls within their organisation.

Seamless continuity

Advanced call re-routing, number management, and disaster recovery features. Fully compatible with most current PBX systems.

Consistent quality

Our uncompressed voice provides high-quality delivery. Our resilient core platform maintains the quality of service.

Easy and quick to install

Keep the existing phone system


Support for up to 10 calls per second

IP Voice Connect

Discover the benefits of this flexible and cost-effective solution. 

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