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24/7 Service Support.

Removing the burden from in-house IT teams.

Getting the right IT infrastructure can be a transformative tool for any business. Nasstar Channel’s 24/7 Service Support uses powerful automation tools to monitor and maintain your customers' systems 24/7. Anomalies are flagged and remediated before they become a problem, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

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How will 24/7 Service Support benefit your customers?

24/7 proactive monitoring

Powerful automation tools monitor and maintain systems 24/7, flagging anomalies before they are a problem.

Enables your customers to focus on the things that matter

Outsourcing IT support allows employees to focus on the things that matter, increasing user experience and productivity.

Always-on support

A team of 500+ highly skilled engineers on-hand 24/7 with over 75% first contact resolution.

Scale requirements when needed

Our 24/7 Service Support solution is tailored to the individual needs of the customer, giving them the level of support they need.

The power of automation

Using clever AI and automation technology for complete peace of mind, thousands of scheduled IT checks and maintenance tasks are delivered to every customer, every day. 

24/7 service desk support

24/7 proactive monitoring

Access to 500+ technical engineers

Automation and integration of systems

Expertise across all vendors and technologies

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