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Our Partner Portal.

Our goal is to help you and your customers succeed by removing the complexities and keeping it simple. Our Partner Portal is an essential tool in delivering this goal.

The Partner Portal allows you to access and manage your estate 24/7 on almost any device, enabling you and your team to service your customer requests quickly and efficiently, and providing you with the richer management information you need.

We’ve invested heavily in new functionality, and the Partner Portal now provides complete visibility of your customer’s estate including connections, orders, services, and faults. Partners are presented with all the information needed to quote, purchase, and proactively manage end users, simplify the way forwards, and maximise potential.

So, what have we done and how is it going to make your life easier?



Drill down into your connections to gain insights and proactively manage your customers.


Keep your team and customers up to date with visibility of in-flight orders and orders from the last 30 days.


View, sort and analyse your services, allowing you to spot trends and opportunities easily.


Keep your team and customers up to date with ticket progress and manage open and closed tickets in a single view.


Raising Faults

You can now raise faults against a connection automatically, capturing the required circuit information.

No more manual capturing of connection details in order to raise a ticket. Simply select the connection from the connections tab and select ‘Report Fault’. After checking initial diagnostics, a fault can be reported straight to our technical support teams.


We have integrated with supplier diagnostics API. This allows you and your teams to run tests against your circuits as part of first-line checks.


Single Availability Checker

You can locate any connection by using a telephone number or postcode.

Whilst you have a customer on the phone you can see what is available, with no need to wait or click through the site.

Product page

View product pricing without logging an enquiry.

This will come in handy when reviewing your pricing structures with your customers and allow you to have regrade conversations easily.

Bulk Availability Checker

Upload up to 5,000 lines at a time, and our team will check the data and email you when they’re done.

Provide us with a CSV file, a clipboard extract, or choose from your existing connections and we will let you know your availability. Once you have the information you can filter the data in several ways to make it easier to make decisions.

Bespoke portal customisation

Personalise the portal with your own colour scheme, font styles, and company logo.

We have also launched bespoke portal customisation to give our partners control over how your portal looks and feels when your customers access it. Channel partners can now personalise the portal without raising a single request.

API Explorer

Discover the new and existing APIs that create real-time saving efficiencies.

Built for your development team, the Explorer grants access to a library of useful APIs, personalised examples, and documentation to help them get started.


Order direct

Order direct from our suppliers, with automation of FTTP, FTTC, and ADSL connectivity provisioning.

Simplifying the order process and reducing resource requirement.

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