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The big switch off.

Your guide to the PSTN switch off in 2025

You've probably already heard about the 2025 PSTN switch off which was announced by Openreach back in 2015, and you may even have already started putting plans in place to help you with the transformation. But, there's a lot to take in and consider.

At Nasstar, we're on hand to help you understand what PSTN is, why it's being switched off and how it will affect your business, as well as deliver guidance on what you can do to avoid any major disruption to your business operations.

This page has been created as a resource hub and includes plenty of information about the Big Switch Off. As we progress ever closer to the 2025 deadline, it will be continually updated as new information comes to fruition. For now, why not gather an even greater understanding with our Switch Off Guide, blogs and FAQ page.  

Big switch off

The Big Switch Off Guide

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We know when it comes to the switch off you might have lots of questions. So, we’ve created a set of FAQs to ensure you’ve got everything you need for your customers to be ready.

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Read the latest articles from our team on the Switch-off 

What is stop sell?

Dave Hawkins, Head of Nasstar Channel talks about NGA, stop-sell, and what it means for technology no longer supported following the PSTN switch off.

Understanding SoGEA

Discover the benefits of SoGEA and how it can help your customers prepare for the PSTN switch off.

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