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What’s next for the Partner Portal?

Through our Partner Portal, we are giving our partners more ownership, control, visibility, and reporting power than ever before. 

We recently added new dashboard functionality, making it even easier to navigate. The good news is that there are more features coming soon! Check out a few of these upcoming changes below.

Availability Checker

Phase 2 of our development work will include an Availability Checker, which will appear as a new tile on the portal’s home page. Partners will be able to search using a telephone number or a postcode and pick from a list of their connections. This new feature will make navigating through the portal simpler, saving time and resources. 

Bulk Checker

At the moment, if a partner wants to migrate 1000 lines to us, they’d have to go through each one individually. That process could take hours.
To make things faster, we’ll be introducing a Bulk Checker. With this feature, a partner would simply need to upload a CSV or spreadsheet containing phone numbers or addresses. Our team will check the data, and the results will then be displayed within the portal ready to download. It will be that simple.


Phase 3 will be all about customisation. Our Channel Partners will be able to personalise the portal by changing the colour scheme, choosing different font styles, and adding company logos – all without raising a single request with us. 

Visit the Partner Portal and explore the new dashboard features.

As always, your feedback is incredibly important to us. So, remember to get in touch - what other kinds of features or functionality would you like to see in the Partner Portal?

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